How Does It Work?

A microchip system consists of 2 parts: a microchip and a scanning devise. There is a tiny computer chip encased in a smooth & durable biocompatible glass.

The Chip has an unique identification ICAR 15 digit code inside, and is small enough to fit into a hypodermic needle. The chip is quickly and easily injected into the nuchal ligament, where it stays for the life of the animal. This unique number cannot be altered or removed.

What is a Microchip:

  • A microchip implant is an identifying integrated circuit (transponder) placed under the skin.
  • The chips are similar in size to a large grain of uncooked rice and are based on a passive RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology.
  • The chip contains a unique code (identification number)
  • The chip is made of an inert material which means it has no power source and won’t be rejected by your horse’s body.
  • To retrieve your horse’s identification number, a scanner (wand) is passed over their body, this sends out a magnetic field, which picks up the 15 digit code imprinted on the chip.
  • This code shows up automatically on the scanner’s screen; the owner can be identified from this code.

Why should I Chip:

  • Provide your horse with a lifetime microchip number for a minimal cost.
  • The tiny chip provides a lifetime permanent identification number for your horse.
  • This number is unique in the world, cannot be altered, and eliminates doubt.
  •  Horse owners use it for many different reasons, such as:
    •  Proof of ownership,
    •  Theft protection and recovery,
    •  Health certificates,
    •  Medical records,
    •  Event entries,
    •  Travel,
    •  Registry ID,
    •  Sales documents
    •  Insurance.

Questions and Answers:

Where is the chip implanted? Can it be removed?

The chip goes into the nuchal ligament just below the mane about half way between the poll and withers on the left side. It cannot be removed without general anaesthesia and surgery.

Does the Chip have a protective coating on it?

Yes. The Chip is sealed with a special coating . This sealer is smooth, bio-compatible and encourages tissue growth around it.

Will it interfere with my horse’s performance?

Performance is not affected in the least.

Tell me about the injection procedure?

Micro chipping is a simple injection. It only takes seconds. Most horses don’t even flinch as the chip is quickly injected into the nuchal ligament just below the mane. Once the chip is in place, it cannot be detected by hand. Only with a scanner. The horse feels nothing when he is being scanned.

At what age can my horse be micro chipped with the Chip?

Any age, from birth on.

How long does the chip last? Does it wear out?

The microchip has no power supply, battery, or moving parts and requires no care. The Chip can not be erased with a magnet or powerful electricity. The chip is guaranteed for the lifetime of your animal.

Can the microchip move around or ‘migrate’ after it is injected?

No. Once properly installed, the chip will not migrate or move. It will be there when you need it. (A study published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association (2003 223:1316-1319) revealed that microchips implanted in the nuchal ligament did not migrate.)


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